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Horace Choi

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Creative Design to elevate user experiences

Hello! I'm Horace and I am an aspiring product designer based in Toronto, ON. I am currently working towards a BA in Creative Industries at Toronto Metropolitan University. I enjoy designing inclusive experiences and creating accessible products to help make everyday tasks a little more enjoyable.

Growing up, pursuing hobbies such as photography and filmmaking allowed me to discover my creativity at a young age. Through developing my love for storytelling, my transition to UX/UI was inevitable. I believe that fostering creativity is what bolsters innovation and creates empowering opportunities

Outside of design, you will find me spending my time traveling and taking pictures of everything I come across. I enjoy creating visual storytelling pieces with my photography and filmmaking so I have things to look back on. I also enjoy everyday tech and cool minimalist desk set-ups. If any of my interests are similar to yours or you want to connect, reach out and lets have a chat!


Thank's for reaching out! I'll get back as soon as I can :)
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